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One of my earliest Christian lyrics and one that did get set to music by Andy Poulter a friend from 6th Form College. I think this one still stands up and showed that I really got into my stride having found something to write about of real substance and that mattered to me. Some nice turns of phrase here and observed characterisation that was probably a residue for my Bradbury Hall experience


For the curious...
Listen to the original recording of ''E Never 'urt No-One' from the 1979 cassette album 'Do You Know My Son' by IHS

& for comparison
Listen to the version of the same song from the 1983 cassette album by Mervyn Sprocket and the Crankshaft Assembly (later to become Salt Solution)

(NB these tracks have been transferred from cassette hence the resultant poor sound quality)

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' 'E Never 'urt No-One '                     by Martin Day

The traffic jams and diesel fumes,
The shopping precinct catacombs,
The reinforce concrete terrain
Encrusted with a four-star stain.
The digital quartz crystal day,
The nine to five, with the rent to pay.
The anaesthetic video,
The pills to counter feeling low.

        "Where is your God, where does he hide?"
        I say to you, He lives inside.
        You've never looked, that is the sin
        Your life's left no room for Him...
                                        (...No, no room for Him.)

The girlfriend phones, she's in the club:
The pay-rise takes you down the pub.
You have a drink a game of darts,
While the jukebox chain-smokes through the charts.
An so it goes on through your life,
You get the car, a house, a wife.
You get some kids; - peas in a pod.
There's time for them, but not for God.

        "Where is your God, where does he hide?"
        I say to you, He lives inside.
        You've never looked, that is the sin
        Your life's left no room for Him...
                                        (...No, no room for Him.)

        Then cancer comes, or heart attack
        You're off your feet and on your back.
        Then friends mourn, 'coss you've passed away,
        "'E never 'urt no-one." they'll say.

When you come round on Judgment Day,
Look at your life, what will you say?
"I couldn't see"? "I didn't know"?
He'll say, "My people told you so."
"I never 'urt no-one." you'll cry,
"I don't think I deserve to die."
Jesus will say, "I died for thee,"
"But did you ever think of me?"

© M Day 1979

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